The art of Michel Vincent Le Goff

Michel Vincent Le Goff

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative"

 Oscar Wilde
Le Goff terrace automn

The last day of summer at home

Dubai 2012 Le Goff
18ct Australian native gold on canvas NOW in Dubai


In Focus:
Metallic suspensions 2012

news lyrical planes

 Plan Ning2

Composition on canvas & on zinc,

signed on the back Michel H. V. le Goff 2012

September 1012

Loulaki Blues at home

(on canvas 100x150cm)

Below the painting is the deep blue sea,  the source of inspiration for the Loulaki Blues, photo by MlG

loulaki sea Photo Michel
le Goff

The Harpies
Acrylic on Canvas.

Gavrinis  morphic field
Australian Gold in a Dubai Private collection
Signed MLG on the back

Reflection Michel Le Goff

sun flowers
Sun Flowers' time 2012
winter 2012

Controversy in New York
Art censorship


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