The art of Michel Vincent Le Goff

Michel Le Goff  Exhibition at the Hydra Art Gallery in the 70's

Teillard de Chardin noosphere by Michel Le Goff

Elevation 33 Noosphere Series
Mixed media on canvas.

signed on the back M. H. V. Le Goff Hydra
  One of a series on the theme of Teilhard de Chardin Ideas showed at the Hydra Art Gallery in the 70s

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Elevation Milano
Elevation 40
of the same series Noosphere continued.
150x100cm, row pigments used for icons restoration and walnut oil on canvas
In a private collection Milano Italy


See early lyrical abstractt works fron the 60's by Michel Le Goff

               In Athens Michel Le Goff met, at the Byzantium café in Kolonaki, the Art dealer Alexandre Iolas friend and mentor of the Zouboulakis Gallery of Athens. In cooperation with Zouboulakis an exhibition at the Hydra Art Gallery was mounted with some of MLG abstract works on panels and canvas. The exhibition included works on paper by Matta, de Chirico, etc.
At the time Hydra was at its apogee. Friends of Alexandre Iolas’ entourage followed Dimitra, the muse, for long weekends on Hydra when Michel decided to abandon Athens totally for the island.
A panel of this series on the theme of Teihard de Chardin's Noosphere by MLG from the collection of A. James Speyer was later shown in Paris at the Darthea Speyer gallery together with sculptures by Richard Luboski who had been worked at Michel’s studio in Hydra.
Edgar Kaufman, curator of design at the Museum of Modern Art New York acquired at this exhibition two Sepia small drawings of this series, which were the first fresh sepia ink drawings by Michel Le Goff made on the island.

1970’s - Apres sa rencontre avec Alexandre Iolas. Il collabore avec la galerie Zouboulakis à la Hydra Art Gallery. Il exposition des œuvres abstraites en conpagnie d'œuvres de Matta, de Chirico etc...

Dimitra Le Goff
The exhibition Curator

Dimitra Le Goff at
the Hydra Art Gallery
The almost mythical Dimitra, then Michel's wife and mother of Alexandre Le Goff
(image extracted from a ERT TV film on the exhibition)

She Could See

She Could See

Dimitra told me that
In the small hours of the morning
She could see
On the wrinkled facades of scorched quicklime
Bluish shades
Making their comeback
Like actors of another day.
She could see
Cobbled lights of honey
Cascading the paved lanes
Down to the water.
She could see
In the air
The vibration of acrid scents
Of human and beast.
The fragrance of flowers
Behind secret gardens.
She could see
The flaming heat
Rising from its berth, half asleep.
She could see
Amorous doves
Warbling on tiled roofs.
She could see
In our room
The ashy light of dawn
Sifting through the louvers
Slowly setting ablaze
Our blue pasture of peace
Into a red battlefield of love.
She could see...
The metaphysical lights of Hydra


Critical essay

Abs traction of Dimitra