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MLG's Open Air Atelier
Hydra Greece
"Survival Machine"
 "Descending Mount Eros"
"Et In Arcadia Ego
The hypocrites, the self righteous, the bigots
                    do not want to see this work.
"Within the Yellow silence"
The Energy within the stones
The sacred in Rome
Dynamic environment 
Italy  winter 06
spring in normandy by le michel le goff
April in Pacy
On the port of Hydra
"God Playing Dice" 

Greece 2006

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Kymatic: in this instance from Kyma or Kymata in Greek i.e. waves, wave pattern.
Kymatique: Vient du grecque: vague, onde.
Κυματική Τέχνη: Ο Le Goff είναι ο πρωτοπόρος της τεχνικής αυτής που βασίζεται στο απρόβλεπτο.

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